Do you want to be more successful? Write Down your Goals

“16% of the population have goals but don’t write them down. Less than 4% write down their goals and less than 1% review them regularly. Those individuals will have 9x more success, over the course of their lifetime, than those who don’t set goals” – David Khol

If you want to be one of those individuals, read on!

Write down your Goals, Make the choice to Lead your life…

Let’s get this out-of-the-way first before wondering “how” we’ll write down our goals: you can control what happens in your life and career but it requires you to commit to writing goals. This is simply the only and most important decision you have to make. Will you have the discipline to commit to this decision?


…The power lies in your head

Regardless of How, write down your goals. Even if the first goal is to write down your goals more comprehensively, start shipping!


Now, you can optimise with the processes for success…

How should you write down your goals?  There are many ways, pick one and stick with it!…

  • Here is how I define, write down and track my life and career Goals,
  • Another goal-setting approach is the SMART goal setting approach (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound), a good summary from Roger Elliott here.


Do it Now, don’t wait. Then come back here and share below what you’ve committed to!
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