Cloud Benefits: Ready for Business, part1

Cloud benefits Business and ready for business! It’s officially not a hype anymore and Cloud services have gone mainstream.
In this 3 parts post we’ll review what are the key applications where Cloud services should help you, what business benefits you should expect and what are the outstanding challenges you need to consider before wider adoption.

Cloud Services have gone mainstream

We’ve all been part of the Cloud Services hype over the last few years. Now, consultancy Loudhouse publishes it’s CloudWatch 2012 annual summer Survey, a good indicator of status of on-demand technology by IT Leaders.

Some of their findings are significant, highlighting the shift from hype to mainstream adoption of Cloud Services and not a standalone initiative anymore for CIOs:

  • 31% consider Cloud services to play a critical role in their organisational strategy,
  • 29% now use public cloud up from 18% last year,
  • IT Leaders forecast that 50% of apps & services will be served from the cloud by 2014,
  • The average proportion of IT applications & services now in the cloud across all sectors is 31%, up from 7% last year!
  • Private Cloud Services will be the dominant cloud model in 5 years time at 54% with 21% for Public Cloud Services
  • By far the biggest benefit seek is automatic software updates (64%)

However, there are also some caution noticed: 20% only believe cloud services exceeded expectations – maybe a sign of lack of understanding of what cloud services deliver and challenging service delivery.

Cloud Benefits Business: Consider those Applications first

Cloud Services Key Applications

Building on last year’s focus on Unified Communications, web conferencing, video conferencing and

voice cloud services, 2012 was all the rage for services like Microsoft Office 365 , HR performance management platforms such as Rypple– acquired by Salesforce this year –  and it shows in the survey results with majority deployment of email hosting, desktop applications, backup, Payroll and HR applications.

How does your own strategy fare against those stats? What application & services are you moving to the Cloud by 2014? Share your plans below in the comments!



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